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29 February, 2012

A "Color-Full" Closet Makeover

002I have something new to show you...well, not new really! It's something I have been thinking about for a while…organizing all of my accessories by color! But here’s the problem…I have no more storage space! Then it dawned on me…I have a coat closet that has no coats…not a single one! After all, this is the South and who needs a whole closet for coats? Sooo…I hatched a plan!

015 Baby Kitty says Ohhhh noooo! Look out! She’s taking out the power tools! But fear not, my handsome little co-host…

page3…I will only need to drill a few holes! First, I measured the length and width I would need. I bought a six foot length of wire shelving and had it cut at Home Depot into three 24” pieces. Then I bought enough brackets for the installation…a pair of wall brackets and three dry wall clips for each shelf. The installation itself was not hard, but it took a little longer than it should have because I had to make a return trip to Home Depot. One pair of wall brackets was the wrong size (it was in the wrong box) and another somehow left the factory missing a bracket! Note to self…put on your glasses! Double check before you leave the store to be sure that you bought the right size and have all the parts! Once I had all the correct parts, I just followed the directions…

032 …and about two hours later…including that second run to Home Depot…here you have it!

page6I think I am going to enjoy this! Just look at how much I was able to fit into what was a wasted space! I also found something I had forgotten about that I will show you later and discovered that I have plenty of candles. lol Now when I am looking for one more something blue and white to add to my hutch, I can go straight to it instead of looking in five different places. And…if I ever decide I need a coat closet, the shelves pop right out!

059I did such a good job that my co-host was even able to stop worrying and take a nap! Wish I could! I still have a few more closets to rework!

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See you next time! A la prochaine!


  1. You are fabulously organized. Even the inside of your closet looks pretty! I love that shot of baby Kitty.
    I don't see a survey?

  2. Very organized, Debbie! I love it! It looks like you can see everything at a glance, too, which is always good. I sometimes think that just looking for something is what causes most disorganization. Lucky you with an extra closet. I've been trying to use the floor area and the top shelf of our coat closet as useful spot for other things. I need more baskets though. You've inspired me to just get them all together already and see what will work.

  3. I never heard of a coat closet but what you did with it is a great idea Debbie. Very organised .I love the look of it.

  4. Thanks, Carol! And...the survey may take a minute to load...Debbie

  5. Great use of space Debbie, sure wish I lived where coat closets went unused!

  6. If you had too, I bet you could stuff just one coat in your bedroom closet just so your new "pretties" closet can remain intact.

    You hit the nail on the head - running around to look for stuff in so many places, that's me!



  8. Great job of organizing. I am working on sorting and organizing and purging, too. Your closet is wonderful...and inspiring! xo Diana

  9. Yes, great use of space.
    I wish I had more storage, but that's
    what happens when you downsize.

  10. Debbie your so lucky to have had an empty closet to do that to! It's so nice and organized. I would love to do that to the pantry in my kitchen but my family keeps telling they need food LOL!

  11. Great organization, Debbie! I just can't believe you HAD an EMPTY closet standing by ;) I'd be happy to have a 1/2 empty closet!

  12. We have a coat closet that if it were organized could be valuable realestate for my organization plan. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. So glad Baby Kitty can relax now. Must have been a grueling day! Her support must have been invaluable!

  14. I was in Cumming,GA (Hwy 20 at 400) and saw some great French things that you NEED.. at Homegoods and Kirklands both!!! Thought of you immediately!!!

  15. Great idea....I love having all my dishes and things together...oh should I say, I would love!!

  16. I love the way you organized you closet..I think I may need to empty one and start all over!!

  17. You inspire me. I am now looking for a closet that I can empty and fill with my goodies. It would save me a lt of time. Thank you.

  18. Well look at you you handy girl.

  19. I love that Baby Kitty photo! It looks as if you and I have both been organizing "stuff" lately. Did you find dishes you forgot you had? I know I did. I have a little giveaway on my blog too right now if you are interested. The closet looks great! My coat closet is packed with way too many coats, although we didn't need them much this year!

  20. Perfect!! Deb I have so many big items they have to go in the garage but I do have all my little pretties(too many little Pretties) in my linen closet in the laundry room. There are no linens in there, just pretties, I really need to purge. It is so hard to get rid of little pretties. You did a fantastic job!! I am very proud of you!! I don't think I could have done what you did. Not handy with power tools at all! xo Kathysue

  21. What a great job, Debbie! Wish I lived where one didn't need a coat closet!


  22. Storage is always a problem. My house has none. Ususally all my things are out and about except for Holiday stuff and that takes up my one and only real closet. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  23. Wow, look what a small closet gave you for space. Add a few shelves and WALA, look at your new space.

  24. Debbie,
    Love the creative use of your closet space! I re~did mine in October when we had to move everything out and put in the new carpeting! Although I still have items stored on the lower level...that closet space upstairs is a true lifesaver!Thanks for the inspiration! Baby Maurice would have done the same thing...nap, that is!

  25. Good for you! The closet looks great and you now have a bunch of storage space:@)

  26. Debbie,
    I laughed so hard at the photo of Baby Kitty and the 'power tool caption'...I had to show my hubs and we both had a great chuckle at it. And, great job on the closet transformation! Inspiring AND hilarious...Lol
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  27. Great idea Debbie! I was thinking of getting some under bed rolling baskets for my "props" so I can see them easily.

  28. Great job, Deb!! Up here in OH, we NEED those coat closets, but I did have DH install extra shelves waaaaay up top. I need a step stool to get stuff up & down, but thats okay.

    I saw lots of blue & white pretties on my trip to Old Tim Pottery. You would have been in 7th Heaven!


    p.s. LOVE the kitty in the sunshine!

  29. I have closet envy right about now. You are just so organized Debbie. My stuff is all over the place and the kids would not be happy if I took over their toy closets away!
    Marianne :)

  30. Debbie, it turned out great. I'm envious of your extra storage closet. i need to get myself moving on doing the same thing in one of our guest room closets. Great idea to have everything organized, easy to see, and easy to access. ~ Sarah

  31. So nice to be so organized...such a great feeling to look at your hard work! Great cat is a crackup!
    Love your post!
    Miss Bloomers

  32. Your closet make-over is absolutely outstanding!!

  33. What is this empty closet of which you speak? You had an empty closet with a self confessed plate addiction? I'm about to add wall cabinets in the laundry room to house cleaning supplies (yeah right) and perhaps a few odd DISHES.

  34. great idea. i need to organize my closet

  35. I love to organize and purge and sort. I must... I have to do it and redo it continually. I love it most when you buy NEW space with new shelves, etc. Yours looks great.

  36. OMG will you look at that! Looks so good Debbie, great job girlfriend!
    Wish I could find a coat closet to spare, but in Wisc. we need them all! hehe.

  37. Oh the Boss would be so very proud to this this great organized closet...He tells me all the time what a slob I am how how unorganized I am....he moved all the shelves in my bathroom closet the other day and made me organize the vanity drawers....waaaaaaay too neat for me....You did a great job!

  38. Great job organizing, it feels
    so wonderful after you feel that
    you can find your "stuff" easier.


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